Vebjørn Moe also called DJ CHAZE he is a young artist/DJ From Norway, he is a founder of his self made music share company called FTS RECORDER. He has been working everyday since the 7 of October 2020 when he first started to take music more seriously.
He is a self made EDM music producer and DJ. Back to 2022 he was booked to his first DJ perform at a club in Tønsberg/Norway called Eik klubben 2022 was a great start of a music career and not only that but the music changed a lot.
He got more and more attention from different places in Norway when He first release his album called (Fiesta Album) he got more into the genre called Bass House and started to make more aggressive music. After 1 month he finally release 911 ( what is your emergency) and ( What is like) 3 weeks later he release his short album called (Fiancé Album) and done really good.
DJ CHAZE will always try his best to give the crowd a unforgettable memory and a fantastic show. DJ CHAZE always goes on the stage with a smile and try his best to give the crowd a memory they will never forget.
He always like to have a control over the crowd with music games like ( flashlight up and down) And one of the most famous games called ( crowd control)

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